Friday, August 28, 2009

keyboard Hangs While gaming

I use a A4tech keyboard in PS2 port. It hangs only when I am playing counter strike or DOTA otherwise it works perfectly. I have tried different keyboards but same result. I bought a USB to PS2 converter cable and now using it. But still the keyboard hangs while gaming. It is not a problem of keyboard and Port.May be a hardware problem as I have installed XP so many times.
I have uninstalled and tried to update the keyboard driver but no way,It has been another nightmare for me.
I googled it but no solution!! strange, am I the only one??I have the Intel DG965RY MB. I am trying to find the solution,Hope will find it soon....If any one has any suggestion please post it.
I am using a usb to PS2 converter now so my keyboard doesn't hang during DOTA. But still it doesn't work properly in CS. It seems that the signals aren't passing properly. Is the USB speed not enough?If any one has any suggestion please post it.

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