Monday, January 25, 2010


Inkscape is a great tool for working with vectors.I have been using inkscape instead of adobe illustrator.I have designed themes ,exported the images using inkscape. It's easy to use, small, open-source and free!!
It seems like i am advertising for inkscape but this is really powerful.You can design logos,banner,web templates very easily.For downloading you can visit here
Inkscape download

You can find many tutorials from this site and youtube.Deviantart contains a lot of tutorials on Inkscape too.Inkscape has many rich features to work with nodes and paths.
Here are two sample works that I made using Inkscape



I am using this tool for only 1 month.Tryin to learn more inkscape. Try Inkscape have fun.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A simple Dropdown menu using only CSS

Here is a dropdown menu using only css.It has issues with the internet explorer. It needs to be modified but you can get the basic idea.
You can get the code here CLICK to Download

The most important part of the css code is:
.navigator ul li ul{
or you can  use
.navigator ul li ul{ 

 Then for  hovering

.navigator ul li:hover ul{

.navigator ul li:hover ul{

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