Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to add Shoutbox Gadget to your website/Blogsite

Shoutbox is a necessary gadget, It helps to connect between the web visiters and the website owner.
If you want to add shoutbox to your website follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to , Now signup for an account.
  2. Now login,create your shoutbox and under settings tab click on get codes.
  3. copy the codes under "generated codes"
  4. Now go to your Blogsite, click on"customize", then under the "layout" and "page elements" click on "Add a Gadgt"
  5. A new window will appear, under the category "Basics" click on "HTML/Javascript"
  6. Now give a title for the shoutbox and paste the code in the content box that you copied from shoutmix website
  7. Finished! now click on "save" and view your blog. It's in there. Enjoy!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A story

Once upon a time a boy lived in a village. He was very imaginative and sensitive,he heard stories from his grandma and dreamed himself as them.His father made a wooden sword for him,he liked that sword very much.Sometimes he fought with the monsters with his sword or he would like to ride on a horse holding the sword.
one day he tucked the sword in the back of his pant and hid the upper part of the sword under shirt."I will go and kill all the monsters today " he started running,"who is pulling my shirt from back?"He looked behind and found nobody. "It must be the ghost",being afraid he started running faster but the pull was stronger,"I should not stop , the ghost will eat me " he started crying and runnig even faster.
A aunt of the boy saw him running like mad . she stopped him,
-what happened?
-A ghost was pulling me from back

She checked and found the sword, she smiled
-see, this is a sword, when you were running it was swinging,there is no ghost boy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Would You Do?

What would you Do if-
after waking up in the morning you find yourself lying lonely on a boat at a sea?

you find out the life you passed was a dream?

you come to know you have only one more day to live?

the whole universe is a computer programme you are making?

you are given the power to erase one negative thing from human society,what would you pick?

Almost Hijacked!!

I was returning from Nilkhet Market on foot. I saw a young man approaching to me,"hey man".
I looked at him, a smiling face. He stretched his hands for handshake,I had not any hesitation,but was my hand so precious he didn't want to leave, he held it too tight!! I understood a moment later, I felt something hard and sharp on my back. "Don't shout, Give me your moneybag and phone" hissed a man from my back. I looked to and fro, saw everyody busy with themselves. "I have not too much to loose only 100tk and a NOKIA 1110 " I thought and started to take them out of my pocket. At that moment I saw them, two policemen, walking slowly down the street. My heart was pounding, I called them, the man behind me ran away but the young man infront me could not run cause now I was holding too tight!!!Then the Bangladeshi police beat him traditionally, took them to police station and I got relief ahhh..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bowling for Columbine


Yesterday I watched the documentary "Bowling for columbine" made by Michael Moore.In the april 20,1999 two students from columbine high school killed 12 students and a teacher with firearms before killing themselves. Though it focuses on the tragic columbine school massacre,it actually questions us why the gun violence in USA is more than any other country. MM tries to find this answer through this documentary. Columbine massacre is not the only one massacre in USA there are many more.
But why? why a chilld becomes too violent, angry to kill fellows, specifically in USA ????

Finally Got a precious account

Perseverance is success. At last got a pass and joined demonoid!! Now I have too many passes to pass.... Anyone interested can mail me at

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