Sunday, September 13, 2009

Galileoscope in Bangladesh

I read about galileoscope in a newspaper two days ago. I became very excited to know that I can own a telescope only spending $20. I entered instantly and filled up the form. OMG, I found the total bill $53.68, $33.68 for shipping cost!!! then I ordered for 100 galileoscope now the shipping cost is $2013. In Bangladesh it is impossible to buy a gaileoscope in a price less than $40. I contacted Bangladesh Astronomical Association and they infomed me that they had no intention to supply this telescope as this is not a product of their Organization!!!!! I am trying find some guys who want to buy galileoscope so that the shipment price can be lessened. we have formed an astronomy club with a few avid astronomy readers at chuadanga, my home town.
If anybody has any suggestion please post it. we have got 11 guys already who want to buy galileoscope if you are another one contact me.

I bought 6 galileoscopes at last! It was a huge pain in the customs but now enjoying the pleiades. I have a spare piece if anyone interested to buy contact me. Money will be donated to Asif (suffering from cancer).

It has been sold and money has been donated to asif. Thanks Mr. Galib. If anyone needs help with the customs or buying process, I can give suggestion only :)

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