Sunday, September 13, 2009

Galileoscope in Bangladesh

I read about galileoscope in a newspaper two days ago. I became very excited to know that I can own a telescope only spending $20. I entered instantly and filled up the form. OMG, I found the total bill $53.68, $33.68 for shipping cost!!! then I ordered for 100 galileoscope now the shipping cost is $2013. In Bangladesh it is impossible to buy a gaileoscope in a price less than $40. I contacted Bangladesh Astronomical Association and they infomed me that they had no intention to supply this telescope as this is not a product of their Organization!!!!! I am trying find some guys who want to buy galileoscope so that the shipment price can be lessened. we have formed an astronomy club with a few avid astronomy readers at chuadanga, my home town.
If anybody has any suggestion please post it. we have got 11 guys already who want to buy galileoscope if you are another one contact me.

I bought 6 galileoscopes at last! It was a huge pain in the customs but now enjoying the pleiades. I have a spare piece if anyone interested to buy contact me. Money will be donated to Asif (suffering from cancer).

It has been sold and money has been donated to asif. Thanks Mr. Galib. If anyone needs help with the customs or buying process, I can give suggestion only :)


  1. Bangladesh Astronomical Socity has some galileoscopes.they ordered them and got it. when i phoned them they told that they will sell galileoscope, but not individual, in a group consists of 24 members. i have only 3 people.if u and ur group help me then we all can buy galileoscope at 3000 taka.pls if u interested then contact me at

  2. iwannan to buy one of it so if really Astronomical society said so I know F.R.sarkar closely I can go to his office I have already gone there for 4 times. Now tell me whats your Idea? my contact number is 01915600485 an Id is
    I read in BUBT in CSE so pls comment in my gmail or call me so we have a talk may be there are one more of the group.
    So latif lets Rock and collect more of them now I'll go to F.R.sarkar on 17th october 2009 for NASA contest. Pls comment?????????

  3. to ANNOYMOUS: pls go n request F.R.Sarkar 2 sell the telescopes to us.i dont have 24 people.there are only 14 people intrested.if u can pursue him to sell to us, i'l b grateful 2 u.n pls try to gather more people.pls infrm me by email. thnx

  4. I already try 4 times to meet with F.r. Sarkar but he is busy now so pls wait and give your mobile no with all of yours friend who intrested and I will go to him 29th 2009 to tell about it. pls send me a mail of all about yours information.

  5. Hey,i want much is the cost.please inform me.please..i am from's my cell 01670123975.please,let me knw,if any1 wants to sell.

  6. Hi!!!

    I am One to buy 2-3 scope.
    HaV you already bought it?


  7. mistake!!! my cell no is 01199175791

  8. Some How I think It's toooo Hard in This country to have a TELESCOPE.
    Belive Meeee I try My best but Every one just think about thier business and money.......
    Even Prothom-ALo too..
    I will try my best to buy it by other person but
    As per my EXPERIENCE one thing I got:::::

    That is This country will never be developed NEVER NEVER.....
    Sorry for my Comments. Post ur one

  9. hi,
    i want to buy one for my kid, he is so into astronomy. Pls help me

    my cell 01714093254.

    sooner the better

  10. Hi I would like to get one. Do u have have anyone?
    If yes please call me


  11. I am also interested to buy one.Pls help me.

    01717 264756

  12. i want tn have one. pls cntct.

  13. I want to bye one. 01843311759

  14. I want to bye one. 01716631582

  15. I want to buy pls 01822220054

  16. I want to buy one.please call 01686104000

  17. in bangladesh Mr azad can make telescope within 4500 t aka nice cheap and with trypod....plz cont 01612514000

  18. I want to buy one plz contact : 01715-032073

  19. I want to buy one plz contact : 01730001825

  20. I want to talk, Please knock me at 01719481644

  21. New stock of Galileoscope has arrived as announced in Price without tripod is USD 50-56
    I want to buy one in Bangladesh. If anyone can help please contact at 01730714057.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. If you have anyone under 2500 taka then knock me. My phone numbers are

  24. I want to buy this galileoscipe at any cost
    I live in Bangladesh


  26. i want to buy a Telescope,my phone: 01682166312/ 01744 912193
    i always wanted to buy one


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