Wednesday, October 21, 2009

elinks2u, Elinks Bangladesh, Magnetic Therapy, Can You Really make profit?

Recently one of my friends invited me to join a seminar at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall. It was a seminar arranged by "ELINKS".In that seminar they were trying to convince people to buy a product of their company,"a magnetic bracelet",which can "restore your energy", "protect you from negative/Positive ions" , "cure arthritis,cancer,tumour and from many more diseases". They Claim that BMJ(British Medical Journal) has validated their product and the magnetic Therapy.The British Medical Journal has not validated or suggested the magnetic treatment.They have even discouraged people to wear those bracelets or rings.
The reality is that in some cases like depresssion, a less significant result has been achieved with high magnetic force. A bracelet and a ring has nothing to do with other diseases. In wikipedia magnetic therapy has been described as pseudoscientific. For more description read the following links
  1. Magnetic Therapy on Wikipedia
  2. Magetica Therapy on Quackwatch

The Bracelet is an excuse It's ONLY BUSINESS:
IS THE BRACELET WORTH 5800Tk???(You can judge yourself)

If you have no idea about how multi level marketing works just follow the link

Multi level marketing makes a chain or a pyramid of their customers who advertise for the company for their own profit.There is another system where there is no product involved, you can earn money only by collecting members which is illegal in 100 countries

what the Elinks is doing is an insulated pyramid-scheme. They are covering it up with the "magnetic bracelet".


At least 88% will lose money

If You have gone through the wikipedia topics, you should have known that this system cannot continue forever, because If you continue like this you will not find any more people to join this system. At a point this system will be saturated and it will collapse. so minimum 88% people will lose money/they will not make profit mathematically.There will be little number of people who will make profit through this system. Joining this sysem, you will only make them Fatter.

So, be aware people,It is not only Elinks there are many other companies in Bangladesh who are trying to manipulate our ignorance.

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