Friday, August 28, 2009

Hardware interrupts and slow PC Solution

For the last 3-4 months my PC was a nightmare. It was too slow it couldn't even play a mp3 file properly. I turned no stone unturned to solve this problem. I installed different versions of XP again and again but no output.
My motherboard is Intel DG965RY, I couldn't even install linux. I found later on that this MB is not compatible with the latest versions of Linux!
Yesterday I found a software process explorer(DOWNLOAD). I found hardware interrup is using more than 70% of process.OMG... how can my PC play a mp3 song!!!
I googled it and found a solution. If u r facing the problem follow the steps

  1. open computer management. go to device manager.
  2. uninstall all the primary and secondary IDE channels or only uninstall the one that is connected to your Hard Disk.
  3. Restart your PC
I got another solution.For some reason in the Primary IDE channel, the transfer mode becomes PIO though It should be DMA for best performance.
Turning it to DMA/UDMA will solve your problem.
Click on here. install the script and restart your PC....

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