Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Sitemap contains all the links of posts in your blog. If you want to improve your blog traffic or if you want people to easily find your posts you should submit a sitemap of your blog in google webmaster.
  1. Go to the webmaster website sign in with your google account. Now on the below click on add a site. you will have to verify your blogsite by copying a metatag into your blog html.

2. Now go to your Blogsite, click on"customize", then under the "layout" and "page elements" click on "Add a Gadgt". Under the basic menu select the Gadget "subscription links". Its an atom feed of your website and it will automatically create a file atom.xml which will act as sitemap.

3. Go to the google webmaster again click on your website. click on add sitemap. Now a box will appear, you just write there atom.xml and you are done. Now GOOGLE will have the Links to all of your posts.

4. Do not forget to go the address . Add your site and google wil index it faster. Within a hour if you search in google you will find your blogsite. oh that's amazing...

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  1. yap, sitemap is really important for a blog. it increases the search engine rankings.


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