Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to add Shoutbox Gadget to your website/Blogsite

Shoutbox is a necessary gadget, It helps to connect between the web visiters and the website owner.
If you want to add shoutbox to your website follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to , Now signup for an account.
  2. Now login,create your shoutbox and under settings tab click on get codes.
  3. copy the codes under "generated codes"
  4. Now go to your Blogsite, click on"customize", then under the "layout" and "page elements" click on "Add a Gadgt"
  5. A new window will appear, under the category "Basics" click on "HTML/Javascript"
  6. Now give a title for the shoutbox and paste the code in the content box that you copied from shoutmix website
  7. Finished! now click on "save" and view your blog. It's in there. Enjoy!!

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