Friday, April 17, 2009

Bowling for Columbine


Yesterday I watched the documentary "Bowling for columbine" made by Michael Moore.In the april 20,1999 two students from columbine high school killed 12 students and a teacher with firearms before killing themselves. Though it focuses on the tragic columbine school massacre,it actually questions us why the gun violence in USA is more than any other country. MM tries to find this answer through this documentary. Columbine massacre is not the only one massacre in USA there are many more.
But why? why a chilld becomes too violent, angry to kill fellows, specifically in USA ????


  1. you cant just blame this on gun control laws
    you can get guns in any country
    its that these kids decided to do it
    and things like this happen all the time
    look at the shooting in montreal
    it just isnt as reported as them in the US

  2. It could also be that those boys had a rough time being bullied or maybe even they had a bad family life, you can't just say it was the guns fault...


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