Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost Hijacked!!

I was returning from Nilkhet Market on foot. I saw a young man approaching to me,"hey man".
I looked at him, a smiling face. He stretched his hands for handshake,I had not any hesitation,but was my hand so precious he didn't want to leave, he held it too tight!! I understood a moment later, I felt something hard and sharp on my back. "Don't shout, Give me your moneybag and phone" hissed a man from my back. I looked to and fro, saw everyody busy with themselves. "I have not too much to loose only 100tk and a NOKIA 1110 " I thought and started to take them out of my pocket. At that moment I saw them, two policemen, walking slowly down the street. My heart was pounding, I called them, the man behind me ran away but the young man infront me could not run cause now I was holding too tight!!!Then the Bangladeshi police beat him traditionally, took them to police station and I got relief ahhh..

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  1. what a chance! and how can life change instantly, from "rat" to "cat" by holding the hand of the guy. very clever.


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