Thursday, May 5, 2011

Firefox Setting Google As Default Search Engine using about:config

If Searching in the main address bar redirects you to a search engine other than Google, that means some firefox add-on is controlling your search options. You can check your add-on preferences for correcting it. There should be some option in a nice add-on but there are some add-ons which don't even ask!

So for Changing the settings type about:conifg in the address bar. about:config is a advanced settings section of firefox. If you're not sure what to do Don't change the default settings. This may make your browser unstable.

In the about:config page search for keyword.url. If you see the value of the term other than click on the value to toggle vaules. when you have got leave it there and test searching in your address bar and Google should be your default search enging now!

Some Facts:

You can see the mozilla book verse typing about:mozilla

For Chrome browser There is no about:config pag. But there are some about pages which you can see by typing about:about.

about:about is not supported in mozilla firefox 3.6

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