Thursday, March 24, 2011

Synchronizing Firefox and emacs

I am loving Emacs. Actually I am writing from emacs now. Synchronizing between firefox and emacs has been a piece of cake due to the "It's all text/textarea firefox add-on".

You can download the addon from here

After installing this addon go the Tools>add-ons>It's all Text! preference. In the 'editor textfield' add the emacs location. You can add any text editor executable location here.
You can add a shortuct key for opening emacs.It will save you some clicks.

how it works
The credits goes the addon. when there is a textarea in the webpage you will see a edit button created by the firefox add-on. You can open emacs by clicking on that button or you can choose in which mode you want to edit by right-clicking.

when emacs has opened up write something and save(C-xC-s) the text and see how the text has been imported the the webpage textarea automatically. You can also visualize how this code will look when you're writing by (C-cC-v)

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