Monday, February 7, 2011

Eclipse Xdebug installation With XAMPP LINUX

Eclipse is a great open-source and free tool to manage your programming projects.

I have been using eclipse for my java and php projects. Xdebug is an awesome debugging tool you can use with eclipse to debug your php code.

I assume you are using xampp linux and you have set the server at /opt/lampp location.

eclipse classic/eclipse for php developers installation 3.6.1.

At first we shall install xdebug as an extension of php
1. Download the source code from
2.unzip the tar file and move in to the directory.

Now we will use the phpize utility in your /opt/lampp/bin/phpize location
if it shows error like "segmentation fault", Run in the terminal sudo apt-get install php-dev

Xdebug website has an amazing insturction page. check it here

Don't forget to check the following wizard:

 After following the instruction you will have installed xdebug which you can check by the phpinfo();

Configuration at Eclipse:

Go to window>preferences>php

Set you php executable path first (e.g. /opt/lampp/bin/php)
Then configure the debug section. Select the php debugger as Xdebug.

You are almost done!

Now Go to Run>Debug configuration
make sure you have selected xdebug. Now you're ready to bite the bugs .Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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