Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dagger of Spectre zero collision

spectre is ultimate killing machine in the late game . It is a very good finisher . I want to highlight the dagger of spectre whitch is the first skill.
Throwing dagger you can damage the enemy hero and creeps.This can be effective for the early level creeping if you have tough gankers in your lane. You can slow down the enemy heroes and you gain increased movement speed throwing a dagger.
**** Most important point is that when spectre throws dagger it gains zero collision. That means you can inter into the trees, you can climb the hills, You can literally go anywhere in the map utilizing the dagger's zero collsion.

Now if you want to push with spectre just follow some tips. push on the top or bottom lane.,always stay near the trees, when enemy heroes  attempt to gank you just throw dagger and enter into the trees .Don't forget to keep a  town portal.  use the portal to return to your base or push in the opposite lane.

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